2011 OMF Press Release 

One Million Faces Press Release

Peggy Dyer on Channel 9 News
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April 2010 Press Release
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Upcoming One Million Faces Project Update, Boulder, Colorado

Contact: Peggy Dyer 303-545-5111

Peggy Dyer is traveling the country, dotting the map for her causes seeking out community events and local hot spots to host her “photo-booth” style shoots. Charitable contributions will be collected on-site and additional donations can be made through the official website “” Each face captured in a photo is a memory of how One Million Faces can impact our world. While the portrait of America unfolds, potentially millions of dollars can be raised for charities nationwide.

Currently, The One Million Faces project donates their time and funds to the following charities: The Davis Phinney Foundation, The Chanda Plan, Team 25 – The Shjon Podein Children’s Foundation, MESA (Moving To End Sexual Assault) Program, and Rett Syndrome Research Trust. This modern art project began with an idea on February 26th, 2009. The first photo shoot event manifested on February 28th, 2009 and Peggy’s friend Angie was the first of one million faces. Peggy has been tip-toeing around the nation and could come to a city near you soon. She has been in Florida, Alabama, Missouri, North Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin just to name a few. In case you are wondering who will be the #1,000,000 face, Peggy hopes it can be President Barack Obama.

To date, Peggy has photographed 1,378 faces towards her goal for The One Million Faces Project.
What number will you be?

The Davis Phinney Foundation


That’s how people who come in contact with Davis Phinney and the Davis Phinney Foundation describe their experience. Inspired through information and encouragement. At the Davis Phinney Foundation (DPF) we try to encourage people living with PD to recognize and celebrate the small victories in their lives and see the beauty in living with the motto that “Every Victory Counts”. Together with local PD support groups and foundations we will be photographing people living with Parkinson’s all over the US and learning about their stories of victory. These can be victories that range from not spilling the coffee in the morning- to running a half marathon! We’re challenging people all across the US to find those little individual moments that you can string together to help you recognize your victory- Arms Up! If even for a moment, you are cured! We are inspired by those who find all sorts of ways to find moments of victory and moments of cure in their daily life. Once we gather these images and stories we will have a book of inspirational stories of people all across the US who live day in and day out with Parkinson’s. Our hope is that by reading someone else’s story of hope and inspiration others with PD will feel empowered. They will have the strength to stand up to this disease and not let it control their lives, but in each day can find that little moment where they have victory over PD and in that moment they’re cured! It’s critical to focus on a cure, but people with Parkinson’s also need information and ways to live better TODAY. The DPF sponsors programs and symposia that provide the information and actions that can be used today to live well with Parkinson’s.

The Chanda Plan

The Chanda Plan’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people with physical disabilities through grants and education to access complementary and alternative therapies.

Team 25 – The Shjon Podein Children’s Foundation

The mission of Shjon Podein’s Children’s Foundation is to improve the quality of life and create an environment of caring and community support for children facing extraordinary difficulties in their lives. The children, their families, our board and volunteers, sponsors and celebrities all work together in our efforts to accomplish this mission. TOGETHER we are Team25.

MESA – Moving to End Sexual Assault

The mission Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) is to end the suffering in our community caused by sexual assault. Through our client services we are here to help sexual assault survivors and their loved ones today and through our prevention education programs we are working towards changing tomorrow
to ensure a world free of sexual assault. Since 1972, MESA has and continues to be the only rape crisis center serving Boulder County.

Rett Syndrome Research Trust The goal of the Rett Syndrome Research Trust is to deliver clinical trials of a novel treatment strategy within five years. There currently is no known cure or treatment, but there is hope. On February 8th 2007, a breakthrough discovery was announced. Scientists have reversed the symptoms of RS in mice, giving us all hope that this can also be done for girls suffering from RS.