Time to Shine Guest Blog: Michele

Today’s Guest Blog is from Michele Bourgeois, St. Vrain Valley School District counselor

Be Kind, Have Fun, Give JoyI met Michele while photographing faces for the Give Back Yoga Foundation at the 2013 Hanuman Festival in Boulder, CO.

Meeting Peggy Dyer and the Lyons “Time to Shine Project“, by Michele Bourgeois 

I believe in serendipity is potent.  Most things in life do not happen by accident.  When I met Peggy at the Hanuman Yoga festival, and wandered to her tent intrigued by the One Million Faces project, I immediately felt her radiance.  The genuine embrace that I felt from her– and saw her give to others– embrace and honor of my spirit and person, from a person I’d just met was touching.  And it was joy filled.


In that first encounter, after my brief, but invigorating photo shoot, I said to her, “I’m dreaming into a project at one of my schools with you.  I don’t know what or how or when, but we need to stay in touch.”

Then the floods.  Then the chaos.  Then the loss and pain, healing & gains.

I thought of Peggy.  She gives voice to each and all.  She honors the hero in everyone.  She shines bright and she honors the brightness in others.  Not only was everyone impacted on some level by this particular flood, but everyone has their storm, their personal flood, day in and day out.  Peggy’s work and her very presence says to one and all, big and small, “You are seen.  You are heard  What you have to say matters.”

We met and dreamed into this project– dreamed into healing, voice, validation.

As we sing in our SHINE song, “When the light in me sees the light in you, imagine what our love and peace can do.  Sparks grow to flames and flames to fire, joined in peace we take this whole world higher.”  I’m grateful for serendipity– to be blessed to have crossed paths and to see Peggy’s light. I’m thankful that she has helped ignite our flames to fire.  I know that anyone who opens their hearts to take in the beauty of these messages will definitely be taken higher.

Please take a moment and watch and share the Lyons Elementary Thank You Video.

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